​​CE in Italy and Europe        World Class Destination CE at its Best

Take a look at what just a few of your colleagues are saying about the meeting:

"CE in Italy is much more than quality education.  It's about friends, culture and memories."
    Dr. David Peters, Austin, TX

"I have been in practice for nearly 28 years meaning that I have had over 1000 hours of CE. Never have I attended a conference that was as intimate and interactive as CE in Italy. The small group of doctors got to know each other on a personal level which simply does not happen at a larger gathering. The trio of Jim, Carlo and Joe are both informative and entertaining. I literally learned something that helped me make a diagnosis this week. Let’s not forget that we are also in Italy, one of the most beautiful and romantic places on earth. The setting is worth going to without the conference but let’s face it, we all need the hours so why not get them in Italy."
        Dr. Karl Wolfe, St Mary’s,  PA

"This was the first year for my wife and I to go to meetings with CE in Italy.  What in the world was wrong with us?!?  We've all got to get hours somewhere.  These folks provided a high quality of education, in just about the greatest place you could ever be.  Jim Fanelli's knowledge of the locality, his expertise in the Italian country, were of tremendous help as we planned our trip.  The lectures were excellent and very relevant.  I cannot recommend more highly that you attend CE in Italy with Dr. Fanelli and his friends.  We always thought this trip would be great, but it was greater than we ever thought it would be.  Cannot wait for the opportunity to go again!
        Drs. Tony and Dee Dee Clark, Cary, NC

"Thanks for organizing and putting together such a great seminar and vacation experience!  The education was great and the local insights and information were invaluable!!!  I loved the small, close knit group feeling.  Your love of Italy showed through in all the comments and suggestions on things to see and do.  We greatly enjoyed ourselves, and plan on seeing you again in Italia"
        Dr. Cory Manley, Pasco, WA

"The educational content was fantastic, and the discussions in that vein were valuable.  The relaxed atmosphere was very favorable, and the locations simply cannot be beat.  The illumination of Michelangelo's anatomic illustrations was worth the price of admission."
    Dr. John Spallone, San Francisco, CA

"I was absolutely surprised by the beauty and culture of Italy.  I traveled with my family, including my 6 month old child, and this country is so warm and friendly towards children I was quite taken by it...it is my favorite location in all of Europe."
        Dr. Assa Hessami, Calgary, Alberta Canada

"Great locations, great lectures.  I love the sharing of ideas, restaurant recommendations and laid back atmosphere."
    Dr. Marcia Leverett, Virginia Beach, VA

"A relaxed, fun and informative meeting.  What a great way to get the hours needed, with great day trips and local places to see and great food to eat!"
        Dr. Diane Monarch, Summerville SC

"Thank you!  You have created a perfectly balanced pairing of intellectual growth and life awakening experiences reminiscent of the wine and food of this beautiful land and people.  You helped open my heart and eyes.  Simple....pure...authentic...this was your gift to share and my fortune to receive it.  I am forever grateful.  Grazie mille!!!""
        Dr. Kent Prete, Alberta, Canada

"I can't imagine this meeting being any better.  Great practice information, a wonderful location, and an interactive fun group."
        Dr. Chris Bartelson, Santa Paula, CA

"Cannot be beaten!  Absolutely a must for all."
        Dr. Bruno Coccimiglio, Sault St Marie, ON Canada

"Loved the location of the conference in Florence.  Dr. Fanelli made it easy for me to come to Italy by providing very helpful information before and during my stay.  The meetings were relaxed and well organized  I enjoyed having dinner and visiting with other conference attendees."
        Dr. Dawn Walsh, Lake Orion, MI

"These are the best continuing education meetings I have ever been to.  An outstanding mix of beautiful locations and great CE and lecturers.  Jim, I have been with you for 5 meetings already, and plan to make them each year.  Please keep up the great work in setting such a high bar for the program and the incredible experiences.  Keep them coming!  Each meeting gets better, and better, and better....So much fun!  Going to the set of The Godfather bar scene was over the top fun!"
        Dr. Chuck Shermetaro, Shelby Township, MI

"My wife and I attended CE in Italy in Tuscany, which we have never visited.  We are so glad we made the trip.  The "local knowledge" Dr Fanelli provided made it so much easier than it would have been otherwise.  The CE was quite good in that it was detailed, yet practical.  Attendees received concise and actionable clinical information along with time to enjoy the location.  What could be better?  A sure measure of the the value of a CE meeting is "repeat business".  Will we be signing up for another session?  You bet!"
        Dr. Cliff Courtenay, Valdosta, GA

“I have been to four of these meetings....in just one year!  I have been to each of the meetings with my wife and two young children.  Jim has made the entire program so family friendly that we will certainly be back.  In fact, we recently went to Sicily as well!  Please tell those individuals that are interested in going with you to future meetings that it truly is a great experience...from the CE to the sights and sounds, to the entire family vacation and learning experience.  Can't wait to get back!”
         Dr. Shandor Zelenger, New York, NY
"Castiglion Fiorentino is a wonderful small town, convenient to many areas for day trips.  The hotel was great, and the early morning classes allowed for the day trips."
        Dr. Lee Ann Barrett, Columbia, MO

"I loved the opportunity to hear other OD's travel experiences, and the warmth of Jim and Joe.  It felt as though we were one big Italian family."
    Dr. Perry Castellano, Wilmington, NC

"This is my 5th trip with CE in Italy....another great meeting!  Love the CE that is practical, and useable when you go back to the office.  Saw you in Sicily....where next?"
        Dr. Suzanne Offen, Westfield NJ

"I thought the meeting was great and I really enjoyed the small size.  It allowed me to get a lot more out the meeting compared to sitting in a lecture with 100 OD's.  It was easy to ask questions and have discussions.  All of the lectures were interesting and the speakers did a great job."  
         Dr. Max Mancillas, Overland Park, KS

"The area is magnificent.  Florence and Tuscany are simply spectacular.  Many thanks to Jim for helping to arrange a trip of a lifetime.  The CE, the locations, the food, the wine...simply amazing.  My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of this trip."
        Dr. Peter Rozanec, Toronto, Canada

“Great academic info and great cultural experience.  Three great speakers in an informative yet light and interactive setting.  I would have liked to have heard the ‘Three Tenors’ (Fanelli, Pelino, and Pizzimenti) sing.”  
        Dr. Brant Gehler, Colorado Springs, Colorado

“Excellent!  Great location:  Italy! Italy! Italy!  The CE was very appropriate for the role of the optometrist as we move our way into the medical healthcare future.”
        Dr. Tish Albin, Houston TX

“It could not have been a more perfect meeting!  The location was great for walking and sightseeing.  The group grand rounds lecture was one of the best I have ever encountered.  Please keep me informed for the 2010 meeting.”
        Dr. Bernard Martin, Buffalo NY

“I thought it was a great group of attendees and I enjoyed meeting everyone.  High quality CE in a beautiful location.  I can’t think of a thing to make next years’ meeting better.”
        Dr. Craig Murtha, Rock Hill, SC

“EXCELLENT!  I liked the early morning meeting times and the small size of the group.  Perfect location!”
        Dr. Pat Bartels, Omaha, Nebraska

“The education was excellent and very informative.  Having the lectures on flash drives for us to take home was a great idea.  It’s great to mix CE and vacation.”
        Dr. June Chun, San Francisco, CA

“This was excellent!  The speakers are a great reminder of how important it is for us to constantly review and read new journals/eye literature.  We just need more of it!  The speakers:  too funny!! Great teachers!  Really, you guys were brilliant, full of great information, and a wealth of knowledge.” 
        Dr. Le Phan, Germany

“I’ll be back annually!!!”
        Dr. Graham Foster, Vancouver, BC, Canada

“The education was fantastic and the meeting group was a small, intimate setting, conducive to actually learning.”
        Dr. Susan Wiley, NATO

“The quality of the material was excellent, and the presentations were great.  Hotel della Baia is beautiful, and the service was great.  Keep up the good work!”
        Dr. Maurice Early, Danville, PA

“It is difficult to improve this meeting much.  The education was very good, and the size of the group and the comraderie was a plus.” 
        Dr. Conrad Modica, North Haledon, NJ

“The educational component of the meeting was good, and the CE being in the early morning was an efficient use of time.  Perhaps a future meeting in the lakes region???” 
        Dr. Kimberly Wampler, Cedar Park, TX

“Very good education.  The oral medications topic was excellent.  This was an outstanding location.  What I liked best was obviously the location, but the smaller size of the group gave me a greater opportunity for interaction, both during the meeting and while enjoying the sights.  I liked the meeting being split between two locations, giving us a choice of attending one or both.  I chose both!” 
        Dr. JoAnn Jeffers, Myrtle Beach, SC

        Dr. Joann Helmus, Davis, CA

“Very good education.  Practical information I can use in my practice.  I loved the Cinque Terre.  Also, here are suggestions for future meetings:  Santa Margherita, the Dolomites and Cortina, Lake Como, Bolzano, and Sardinia, as that is where Italians go for vacation.”
        Dr. Mark Helmus, Davis, CA