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Want to do a winery tour?  No Problem!

Like to bike?  Got you covered!

Have been to the Coliseum and don't want to go again?  Understood!

Want a private tour and not a big group tour?  Makes sense!

Want to do everything?  Or nothing?  You can do it!

We fully realize that each of us has different travel comfort levels.  Some of us prefer to have trips more structured, while others prefer to venture out on our own.  That makes perfect sense.  It's human nature.  Sure, you can find destination CE meetings where everything down to the minute is planned out for you in advance.  While that might be convenient in some respects, a format like that does not give you the opportunity to branch out on your own if you so desire.  Having traveled to Europe and Italy many times over the past 30 years, I have realized that the best vacation is one that is filled with things that YOU want to do, not what the group wants to do.  Accordingly, we've partnered with Viator to provide you with the means to customize your trip to you personal exacting standards, whatever they may be.  I personally have used Viator services throughout the years, and have found them to be an outstanding guide and touring service.

In fact, I have compiled a selection of tours and sightseeing options specifically for CE in Italy travelers.  Simply go through the list of options and select the tours, tastings, trips and experiences that interest you, and book them!  It's that simple.

Click the button below to begin customizing your CE destination vacation of a lifetime:

I would suggest that you look at the number of days you plan on being at each location, look through the list of tours available, and see what suits your needs given you own agenda.  I will be happy in helping you with your selections if you need my assistance.  My email address is:  JamesFanelli@CEinItaly.com