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Rome, Tuscany, Portofino, the Italian Riviera and Corsica Cruise
September 21-28, 2024
Aboard the Sea Dream Yacht

Sailing the Mediterranean from Rome to Portofino to Corsica 


We bring to you yet another fantastic cruise opportunity in the Western Mediterranean.  This time, we are changing things up and sailing on a luxury yacht, with only 112 guests maximum, making your CE adventure a luxurious trip to some of the prettiest Italian ports of call, including Portofino.

Our cruise departs from Rome on September 21, 2024, and heads north with stops in Elba, Portovenere (site of several of our previous CE in Italy & Europe meetings), Portofino, Corsica, and Santo Stefano, a jewel along the Tuscany Mediterranean coastline.  September is still warm, but sailing north from Rome, we’ll avoid the heat and humidity of Italy in September…..and we’ll avoid the crowds!

Sailing on the Sea Dream Luxury Yacht is quite an experience.  With a limited passenger capacity of only 112 guests, there is about a 1:1 passenger to crew ratio, ensuring you of amazing service on this beautiful ship.  The ship itself is beautifully appointed, with staterooms of various sizes, all with wonderful sea views, and comfortable furnishings.  The cruise is highlighted by 5 star dining, and all of your meals, drinks and gratuities included in the price.  With an on board pool, Balinese dream beds, a fitness center, and a cozy bar, there is plenty to do on board.  But with the fantastic ports of call on this itinerary, your time on land will be full of fantastic scenery, local fare, and of course the Italian and European flair associated with the Italian Riviera.  Oh, and who can mention the Italian Riviera without mentioning a casino?  There is a casino on board!  Spa services?  Got you covered!  Luxury accommodations, luxury dining, luxury ports of call…You will love this venue that we’ve put together.

Our ship booking is handled by our European Travel expert, Denise Marinucci-Nicholson at Antilia Travel.  You will need to register for the CE event first on the registration page of this website, and then contact Denise to secure your cabin.  We have secured reduced rates for the cabins, but only for a limited time.  Since the number of cabins and the reduced rates are limited, if you’re planning on going on this cruise venue, you’ll need to register and secure your cabin ASAP. 

Details of the cruise, the ship, accommodations and ports of call can be found here:  https://trips.antiliatravel.com/CEInItaly_Sept2024Cruise_SeaDream

12 hours of COPE accredited CE will be offered at this meeting.  Six of those hours will be offered in Rome before the ship sets sail, so you’ll need to arrive in Rome a few days before sailing.  And our land based CE will be in the mornings, leaving you time to explore the Eternal City, which remains an amazing location whether it’s your first visit to Rome or your 10th!

Again, register for the continuing medical education component of this venue by visiting the registration page on this website.  Once your registration is confirmed, then follow the link above to decide on your cabin and then complete your passenger registration with Antilia Travel to secure your cabin via Denise’s cruise page.

If you have any questions, feel free to email myself at:  JamesFanelli@CEinItaly.com or Denise Marinucci-Nicholson at:  denise@antiliatravel.com