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Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, the Greek Isles and Athens Cruise!
July 10-20, 2021
Royal Clipper Sailing Vessel

This Meeting is FULL, and Registration is now CLOSED FOR THIS MEETING 



Cruising the Adriatic and Aegean Seas Aboard the Royal Clipper

Once again, we head back to the eastern Mediterranean region for a fun filled summer cruise from Venice Italy to Athens Greece.  But this is not your average cruise.  Far from it!  CE in Italy/Europe is happy to provide you venues that are memorable in ways beyond other destination CE provide.  And one of the ways we accomplish this it to avoid the mega cruise ships, and go with a more personalized, boutique, yet amenity filled cruise.

In the summer of 2021, we will again be sailing on the Star Clippers cruise line, with this particular venue aboard the Royal Clipper, the largest full rigged sailing ship in the world.  While it is the largest rigged sailing ship in the world, the passenger capacity is only 220.  And with just about a 1:1 crew to voyager ratio, attention to detail is not spared.

Our previous venues through the Greek Isles with this same cruise line were a tremendous success, and this venue also will be very popular.  Since we are on a cruise ship, once the ship fills, registration for this meeting will be cut off.  And this venue will fill!  So I’d suggest to register for this venue and reserve your cabin as soon as possible.

The general itinerary of the cruise begins in the Italian jewel e know as Venice, on July 10, 2021.  From there, we make stops in Croatia, Montenegro, mainland Greece, the Greek Isles, and finally Athens Greece on the last day of the cruise, July 20, 2021.  The specific itinerary can be found here:  https://www.traveldreamsbydenise.com/ce-in-italy-europe-july-2021

I would suggest to arrive in Italy a few days before the cruise so that you can explore the motherland, and perhaps stay a few days after the cruise is completed in Athens.  That is one of the nice things about our meetings:  when you arrive, and when you depart is entirely up to you.  Of course with this venue, the sailing dates are firm, as are the ports of call, but your pre and post cruise itinerary is entirely up to you.

To help you with your planning, we will again be using our outstanding European specialty travel agent, Denise Marinucci-Nicholson. Denise’s experience in helping you put together a special itinerary tailored to exactly your goals and preference is beyond outstanding.  She will guide you through the process.

As mentioned, this venue will fill quickly, so if you’re planning on attending, time is of the essence.  One of the questions often asked for this venue is if your non OD friends and family can join you on the cruise, and the answer is a resounding YES!  Of course they can!  CE in Italy/Europe’s goal is to provide outstanding clinical education in outstanding environments.  And our belief is that a relaxed learning environment is conducive to actually taking clinical information back home with you.  And a big part of that is having fun at the venue, which often includes family and friends.

Your first step is to register for the meeting with CE in Italy/Europe, and this is done on the registration page of this website.  After you have registered for the meeting, you’ll then need to complete the necessary passenger information and reserve a cabin through Denise.

I would suggest looking over Denise’s cruise webpage in detail for important information, such as cabin types, costs of cabins, and availability of cabins.  Once you’ve decided on which cabin type, you’ll need to book that cabin with Denise.  Her webpage is chock full of information, and all of your cruise specific questions are answered on her page.  Here is the link to her page:  https://www.traveldreamsbydenise.com/ce-in-italy-europe-july-2021

Denise Marinucci-Nicholson’s direct email address is:  Denise@TravelDreamsbyDenise.com

12 hours of COPE approved CE co-sponsored by ICO will be provided on this trip.  The CE in clinically relevant, and covers topics germane to today’s comprehensive ophthalmic care provider.  The continuing education will be provided while on board, with the majority of the education being presented on the one full day at sea.  The CE will not interfere with excursions and ports of call, so you’ll have plenty of free time to explore each of our stops along the way.

The ship itself, the Royal Clipper, is nothing short of magnificent!  From the polished brass to the beautiful teak wood works, to the fantastic cuisine, to the billowing sails and the set-sail ritual.  Oh, and did I mention the on deck pools?  The cabins with verandas? The gymnasium?  The 2 story atrium?  Absolutely top notch, and as mentioned earlier, the cruise line service is simply over the top.

Whether you plan on disembarking at each port of call, or just chilling out on deck, the pace of this destination CE venue is entirely up to you.  The ports of call are beautiful.  The ship is beautiful.  The amenities are beautiful.  Come join us….you will have the time of your life.

This venue will fill!  Register and reserve your cabin as soon as possible!