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Sailing the Greek Isles!
August 6-13, 2022
Star Flyer Sailing Vessel




Cruising the Greek Isles and the Aegean Sea

The Mama Mia Cruise!
Once again, we head back to the eastern Mediterranean region for a fun filled summer cruise throughout the Aegean Sea in and out of Athens Greece.  But this is not your average cruise.  Far from it!  CE in Italy/Europe is happy to provide you venues that are memorable in ways beyond other destination CE provide.  And one of the ways we accomplish this it to avoid the mega cruise ships, and go with a more personalized, boutique, yet amenity filled cruise.

​Our destination this cruise?  The isles highlighted in the hit movie Mamma Mia!  Join us for a fun, relaxing time.

We will be cruising the eastern Mediterranean on the Star Flyer.  It is a true clipper ship reflecting proud heritage in every inch of its polished brass and gleaming brightwork. Step aboard this unique vessel and discover a new age of sail, where the traditions of the past are happily married to the comforts and amenities of the present day. Star Flyer is a modern cruise ship in every way, created for luxury-loving passengers who also love the traditions and romance of the legendary era of sailing ships. Star Flyer is 360 feet long and  carries just 170 guests in pampered comfort.

Life aboard is blissfully relaxed, much like traveling on a private yacht. You’ll never feel confined on Star Flyer. The ship offers spacious accommodations and expansive teak decks with ample space and not one, but two swimming pools. In fact, you’ll find that this ship offers more outdoor space per passenger than most conventional cruise ships.

The décor of Star Flyer is reminiscent of the grand age of sail. Antique prints and paintings of famous sailing ships please the eye, while teak and gleaming mahogany rails are richly reminiscent of its proud nautical heritage.  All Star Clippers ships feature open-seating dining in an elegantly appointed dining room, our convivial indoor-outdoor Tropical Bar and Piano Bar, and an Edwardian style library where a Belle Époque fireplace glows with a warmth that reflects the friendliness and enthusiasm of Star Clippers’ hospitable officers and crew.

​As with any ship, there are several cabin layouts on various decks, and costs per person are dependent upon which cabin type is selected.     Cabin costs per person are roughly​ $1850 per person, which includes three full meals per day, stops at the waypoints on the itinerary, amenities, swimming and snorkeling gear.  These prices are significantly discounted prices and are subject to change.  Below I will provide a link to the main cruise company, Star Clippers, and on that link you can find the specific itinerary, cabin layout, deck plan, and of course, photos of the particular ship we will be sailing, the Star Flyer.  

As mentioned, this venue will fill quickly, so if you’re planning on attending, time is of the essence.  One of the questions often asked for this venue is if your non OD friends and family can join you on the cruise, and the answer is a resounding YES!  Of course they can!  CE in Italy/Europe’s goal is to provide outstanding clinical education in outstanding environments.  And our belief is that a relaxed learning environment is conducive to actually taking clinical information back home with you.  And a big part of that is having fun at the venue, which often includes family and friends.

To help you with your planning, we will again be using our outstanding European specialty travel agent, Denise Marinucci-Nicholson. Denise’s experience in helping you put together a special itinerary tailored to exactly your goals and preference is beyond outstanding.  She will guide you through the process.

Your first step is to register for the meeting with CE in Italy/Europe, and this is done on the registration page of this website.  After you have registered for the meeting, you’ll then need to complete the necessary passenger information and reserve a cabin through Denise.

12 hours of COPE approved CE co-sponsored by ICO will be provided on this trip.  3 hours of CE will be offered in Athens at the host hotel, Electra Metropolis, on August 4, from 9AM until noon, and 5 hours at Electra Metropolis on August 5, from 7AM until noon.  This portion of the CE is before the ship departs from the port!  The remainder of the CE will be while on board.  Be sure to make your hotel reservations with our travel expert, Denise Marinucci-Nicholson, whose contact information is below

The CE in clinically relevant, and covers topics germane to today’s comprehensive ophthalmic care provider.  That part of the continuing education that is provided while on board will not interfere with any excursions or ports of call, so you’ll have plenty of free time to explore each of our stops along the way..  There is one full day at sea during which the on board CE will be held.  

I would suggest looking over Denise’s cruise webpage in detail for important information, such as cabin types, costs of cabins, and availability of cabins.  Once you’ve decided on which cabin type, you’ll need to book that cabin with Denise.  Her webpage is chock full of information, and all of your cruise specific questions are answered on her page.  Here is the link to her page:  


Denise Marinucci-Nicholson’s direct email address is:  Denise@TravelDreamsbyDenise.com

Here is the link to the cruise line, Star Clippers:  http://www.starclippers.com/en/

Here is the link to our particular cruise ship, Star Flyer:  https://www.starclippers.com/us-dom/our-fleet/star-flyer.html

Here is the link to our particular cruise itinerary:  https://www.starclippers.com/us-dom/destinations/eastern-mediterranean-sailings.html?view=itenary&crid=SF060822&ship=Star%20Flyer